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Roleplayers are not obligated:

  • To follow you because you are part of the fandom they RP in.
  • To follow you back just because you appear in their followers list.
  • To continue following you just because you don’t want them to “abandon” you.
  • To continue following you if you spam/harrass/distress them.
  • To follow your friends because you want them to.
  • To unfollow another blog because you and that third person do not get along.
  • To roleplay with you every time you snap your fingers for an interaction.
  • To roleplay with you during a time not suitable for them (e.g during times of RL stress).
  • To better their writing skills to an advanced level (or to tone them down instead) just to get the “honour” of roleplaying with you.
  • To put up with any unfairness in a roleplay with you (e.g Godmodding).
  • To put up with any OOC drama you create due to your roleplay with them.
  • To continue roleplaying with you when they would rather stop interacting with you due to one reason or another.
  • To answer every message they receive.
  • To answer repeats of messages they have received before.
  • To answer messages they find inappropriate.
  • To answer messages in the manner you demand (e.g they can be as cryptic or subtle as they like with TMI Tuesday questions).
  • To answer spam messages.
  • To answer messages/questions/prompts they did not request in the first place.
  • To accept magic anons.
  • To accept the exact conditions set by magic anons.
  • To answer anon hate.
  • To answer hate dropped in their inbox pertaining to someone they follow.
  • To ship the characters you do.
  • To agree with the opinions you have on certain ships.
  • To put up with any bashing on your part of the ships they support.
  • To put up with you dictating how they should portray the character they have chosen to roleplay (if you don’t like what they do, click the damn unfollow button, create a new blog and YOU play the character how YOU see fit).

The individual people - the REAL HUMAN BEINGS - behind the computer screen, behind the character they RP, are not obligated:

  • To put up with any criticisms or judgements of them as a person based solely on who/what they roleplay.
  • To put up with any hate directed to them as a person, rather than hate directed to how they roleplay (yes, both are far from nice, but there is a difference).
  • To put up with any death threats or messages telling them to die.
  • To put up with any negative attitude you give them, regardless of your “reasoning” behind said attitude.
  • To defend you in an argument or fight with a third RPer, especially if you are actually in the wrong to start with.
  • To coddle you whenever roleplaying takes a sour turn or when you have a falling out with someone.
  • To continue talking to you OOC and IC/following you/etc. if there comes a point that they no longer like you (e.g over time your true colours have actually come out and your pretense has dropped and they don’t like the person you truly are).
  • To put up with any false accusations you make about them, regardless of your “reasons”.
  • To discuss issues they have with you in private, especially if you do not listen to them when they try to be courteous enough to not air the dirty laundry in public.
  • To discuss issues they have with you, period (some people might prefer to cut all ties with you when things go so far downhill that all bridges between you and them have been burned).
  • To listen to each and every one of your RP and RL troubles and woes. Remember that even if they do, they have their own lives to deal with and cannot hold your hand through every problem you might have.
  • To put up with any abuse your hurl at them IC and/or OOC, because you’re in a “mood”.
  • To put up with any OOC drama you create in general that will affect them

Now I might have repeated a few things in this, I might have missed some things out. I’m almost certain that I have.

But the basic message is this: Roleplayers are here for fun (although there can be other reasons as to why they’ve decided to RP). They are not here to please the masses, they are here for their own enjoyment and they will roleplay however they wish to. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to follow them, nor you do not have the right to pester them or send them hate or cause them any form of distress because they don’t meet your “standards”. They are not paid to cater to your wants and likes. They do not need to take any bullshit from fellow RPers or the users of tumblr in general. If you want to see a certain portrayal of a character? Do it yourself.

And what some - not all, but some - people forget is the fact that behind that portrayal of a character, behind that blog, behind that computer screen, there is a person. A person just like you. They breathe and bleed just like you, they have feelings just like you. Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated. Would you like it if you had a crapload of hate and abuse in your inbox, either harshly judging your RPing or directed solely at you? Would you like to be made to feel worthless and ugly and insignificant? Would you like to be harassed so much that you eventually feel like the world would be better off without you? No? Then don’t treat other people in such a way that they would end up experiencing such things. They are just as human and capable of feelings are you are. They can be hurt as easily as you, can be forced to extremes as easily as you. You have no right to belittle another person, just as no-one has the right to belittle you.

And that, as they say, is that. I shall end this post here, else I’ll end up repeating myself all over again. I’m sure that, by now, anyone who reads this gets the point.


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                  don’t try to         {   hurt   }        me
                          my skin is thick and I 
                                           have   grown   scales to keep
                           all the  p a i n  away.

                  don’t try to [ hurt ] me. 
                            I don’t feel      a  n   y    t     h      i       n        g
                                    I’m already
                                        | b | r | o | k | e | n |

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                               Kicking his feet up on his desk, 

a sigh fell from the Shadow Hunter’s black lips. Not a single job in weeks, no one had called. He was truly beginning to think that people forgot about him. But that was the way of the world. Interests came and went, humans became infatuated with their daily liveseven when there were creatures feeding off of their life force. 

                        Shrugging, he poured himself a large glass of whiskey, huffing as he unzipped the front of his leather vest. 

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when you’re needy and your rp partner is around


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Friendly reminder to myself and to everyone that just because you do not roleplay every day doesn’t mean you are bad roleplayer. 

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Going to go watch Dr.Who or read. 

Don’t know. Fiance is at work and I’m sleepy, bored and lonely.